view (1447)
15,000 (0-1-80)
180 Sq.wah.
Mae Rim House for rent

Thai wooden house for rent  Ching mai –Mea rim 15,000 THB

Location: Mea rim

Land size: 180 Sq.w.

Ancient  thai wooden style home for rent  along Mae rim district beautiful style and ...

view (1175)
18,000 (0-1-90)
190 Sq.wah.
New Sankampang House for rent

Rented 2 storey house in MOO BAN location on ChiangMai - new sankumpheng .,Rd (1317 ) 20 minutes from the airport. 5 minutes from the Umbrella Handicraft Centre . School , Local market ,10 minutes from Promenada resort Mall. detail Land size 190 sq.m The house has a living area of 150 square ...

view (1481)
12.00 mil. (0-0-80)
80 Sq.wah.
Changkran Dormitory for sale

Fabulous Location Dormitory  for sale Chiang mai Changkran 12,000,000THB

Location: Chang kran

Land size: 80 Sq.w.

This Dormitory is locate in  fabulous location close to all amenities, Ching mai night life, ...

view (1606)
65,000 (1-0-0)
400 Sq.wah.
Changkran House for rent

Handy to Rent  Spacious home chiang mai –Changkran  65,000THB

Location: Changkran

Land size :400Sq.w.

Spacious and practical 3 bedrooms 4 bathrooms and bath tub .Easy to look after and Great decking .This practical ...

view (2034)
15,000 (0-0-90)
90 Sq.wah.
Sansai House for rent

House for rent 15000 baht/month In Regent home 2 . near Sansai market and Central Festival .

3 bedrooms 2 bahtrooms  4 airconition hot-water Fully furnished ,internet.

For rent 15,000 baht/month

Exclulded community  fee 500 baht 

For ...

view (1348)
40,000 (0-0-60)
60 Sq.wah.
Hang Dong kitchen for teaching for rent

Kitchen for demonstration and teaching For rent  .This kitchen have all equiptment For rent only 40,000 baht/month

space approximately  172.6 sq.m

 for more information Pls contact  mitchai property Co.,Ltd 053 800567-8 ...

view (1571)
22.00 mil. (0-0-100)
100 Sq.wah.
Muang Chiang Mai Dormitory for sale

Service apartment for sale in Chingmai  .Near Big-C

A total of 45 bedrooms and 46 bathrooms ( room size 3.5 m * 6.5 m) .

Profile appliances including

Number 46, the Air

Hot water for 45 machines.

Fan of 45

9 The ...

view (1333)
23 Sq.wah.

Office for rent at nimmanhaemin area .Size 6*15 m. = 90 sq.m


view (1910)
20,000 5.50 mil. (0-1-15)
115 Sq.wah.
Maejo House for sale/House for rent

House for rent and for sale  Chiang mai- Meajo 5,500,000THB

Location: Meajo

Land size: 115  Sq.w.

Enviable Location Unbelievable Price house for sale situated in private housing project Chiang mai ...

view (1563)
15.00 mil. (0-1-87)
187 Sq.wah.
Charoen Muang House for sale

Spacious Teak wooden  House for sale Chiangmai Charon Mung

Location: Charon Mung

Land size: 187sq.w.

Newly renovated  modern  Laan style teak house.Set on 187 Sq.wah. well maintained yard and out door space ,established ...

view (1551)
8,800 Sq.wah.
Hang Dong
view (1166)
12.00 mil. (2-2-0)
1,000 Sq.wah.
Sarapee House for sale

Massive Two story house  looking for a new owner  in chiangmai -sarapee 12,000,000 THB

Location :Sarapee

Land size :1,000 Sq.wah.

Spacious yard with 2 massive house surrounding by ...

view (1106)
30,000 sq.m Changkran Condominium for rent

Newly condominium  for rent  Chiangmai – Changkran 30,000 THB

Location: Changkran

Perfectly decking with modern  style furniture  2 bedrooms 1 bathrooms lovely western kitchen and laundry .This condominium situated in very ...

view (1285)
15,000 (0-1-55)
155 Sq.wah.
Sarapee House for rent

Newly renovate house for rent Near Saraphi Technical College 15,000THB

Location: Saraphi

Land size: 155  Sq.w.

Adorable single story house set on 155 Sq.w. 4 bedrooms 2 ...

view (1942)
55,000 6.30 mil. (0-0-53)
53 Sq.wah.
Sarapee House for sale/House for rent

Double story house for sale and for rent  near chiangmai downtown 

Location: Saraphi

Land size: 53 Sq.w.

Double story house for sale and for rent in chiangmai -Saraphi 6,300,000 THB

Truly exceptional property has been ...

view (1096)
15,000 35 sq.m Hang Dong Condominium for rent

Available 1 bedroom apartment for rent in  chiangmai Mountain View  Brand New condominium chiangmai for rent 15000 baht/ month ...

view (1562)
5.00 mil. (0-0-72)
72 Sq.wah.
Muang Chiang Mai House for sale

Excellent location 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms for sale near Chingmai Railway station 5,000,000 THB

Location:  Mung Chiang mai

Land size: 72 Sq.w.

Single story house for sale near Chiangmai Railway station 5,000,000 THB

3 ...

view (1240)
4.50 mil. (0-0-54.4)
54 Sq.wah.
Muang Chiang Mai House for sale

Excellent location 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms for sale  near Chingmai  Railway station 5,000,000 THB

Location:  Mung Chiang mai

Land size: 54.4Sq.w.

Single story house for sale near Railway ...

view (1663)
18,500 3.95 mil. (0-0-61)
61 Sq.wah.
Chiangmai-lumpang (Highway 11) House for sale/House for rent

New House for sale and for rent near chiangmai International Airport 18,500 THB

Location: Nonghoi

Land size:61 Sq.w.

New house Located in private housing project ...

view (1591)
7.60 mil. Samueng House for sale

Luxury house for sale Chiangmai-Samueng  7,600,000THB

Location: Samueng

Luxury house offering overlooking mountain view located in private area surrounding by nature.

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