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31 sq.m Muang Chiang Mai
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4.99 mil. Muang Chiang Mai commercial building for sale

Good bussiness oppotunities for rent out and for make an office the location is near Promenada Resort Mall.

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Muang Chiang Mai
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17.00 mil. (0-0-34)
34 Sq.wah.
Chiangmai commercial building for sale

Best Location commercial building for sale 17 million Baht

1.Location On Huaykeaw Road

2.Land size 34 sq.wah(140 sq.m)

3.Living space 476 sq.m

4. Price 17,000,000 baht

5. Tax+transfer fee 50/50

For more information Pls Contact ...

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18.00 mil. (0-0-44)
44 Sq.wah.
Muang Chiang Mai commercial building for sale

Guest house for sale  in the old city infront of chiangmun temple ..


Land size 44 sq.wah(176 sq.m) have 17 rooms and 18 bathrooms.. Unfurnished .location opposite ...

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16.00 mil. (4-0-0)
1,600 Sq.wah.
House for sale
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12,000 5.00 mil. (0-0-17)
17 Sq.wah.
Muang Chiang Mai commercial building for sale/commercial building for rent
Commercial building For rent and for sale
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20,000 Jed Yod temple House for rent
Two storey service apartment for rent at Chiangmai. Located near Jedyod temple, near Chiangmai university and near Rajamangala university of Technology Lanna. Be silent, be shady and can see beautiful Doi Suthep view. This apartment has 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 Uropean kitchen built in and ...
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28,000 3.60 mil. (0-0-60)
60 Sq.wah.
House for sale/House for rent
Two-storey house for rent or for rent at Chiangmai. Located near Lotus Hangdong and far from Chiangmai airport only 5 minutes. Be shady, be silent, be convenient and just built finished. Land size 60 sq.w and utilized area 159 sq.m, 3 bedrooms (large bedrooms has a balcony), 3 bathrooms, built ...
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980,000 31 sq.m Ring Road 2 Condominium for sale
Opened for booking of Tree avenue @ promenada project. Located on 2-middle of the road turn around promenada resort mall. Utilized area of condominium is 31 sq.m and 38 sq.m, 1 bedroom, 1 bthroom, 1 Uropean kitchen and 15 decorated things such as 1. Sofa 2. Stool 3. Beside table 4. Dining ...
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12,000 (0-0-42)
42 Sq.wah.
Sarapee House for rent
Single house for rent at Chiangmai. Located on Nongphueng, Saraphee district, Chiangmai. Be convenient, be silent and be shady which there are many trees beside the house. Land size 42 sq.w, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 1 working room, kitchen and fully furnished such as 2 air condition, hot water, ...
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20.00 mil. (1-1-79)
579 Sq.wah.
Mae Rim House for sale
Beautiful house for sale at Chiangmai. Located on Tumbon Donkeaw, Mae Rim district, Chiangmai. Far from Kluang Singh interjunction about 9 km. and far from Chiangmai-Maerim 50 metre. Not include furniture. Land size 1-1-79 sq.w with backyard. The first house (2 storey big house ), 4 bedrooms, 3 ...
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12,000 Chiangmai-lumpang (Highway 11) Town House for rent

Town house for rent at Chiangmai. Located on Tumbon Buakkuk, Muang district, Chiangmai. Far from Chiangmai-Lampang road 100 metre. Near Big C extra, Big C Donjun, Chiangmai transportation and be convenient. Utilized area 96 sq.m, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Thai kitchen built in and furniture ...

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20,000 (0-2-0)
200 Sq.wah.
paton House for rent
Single storey house for rent at Chiangmai. Located on Muang district, Chiangmai. Near Rachaphat Chiangmai university,near Lotus Kumteang, near in-out town main road. Be convenient, be shady and be silent. Land size 200 sq.w, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Uropean built in kitchen and teak furniture ...
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3.06 mil. (2-2-21)
1,021 Sq.wah.
Sankumpheng Land for sale
Land for sale at Chiangmai. Located on Sankampang district, Chiangmai. Near Big C Donjun, near Big C extra. Only 5 minutes, only 7 minutes for from Chiangmai international airport, about 15 minutes and 500 metres far from Sankampang main road. Land area 2-2-21 Sq.w. Only 3,000 baht/sq.w include ...
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3.30 mil. 66 sq.m Super highway Number 11 Condominium for sale
Condominium for sale at Chiangmai. Have a good view and good location. Only 2 minutes from Big C extra , near Mackro, near Big C Donjun and near Chiangmai transportation. Utilized area 66 Sq.m, 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, 1 living room and furniture such as 2 TV, fridge, 2 air condition, microwave, ...
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3.80 mil. (0-0-100)
100 Sq.wah.
Chang Phueak House for sale
Single house for sale at Chiangmai. Located on tumbon Patun, Muang district,Chiangmai. Near Rachaphat Chiangmai university, near lotus Kumteang and only 5 minutes from Chiangmai town. Be shady, be silent and be convenient. Land size 100 sq.w and utilized area 120 sq.m,3 bedrooms, 3 bthrooms, 1 ...
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800 Sq.wah.
Canal Rd
view (2020)
7.20 mil. (0-1-40)
140 Sq.wah.
House for sale
House for sale at Chiangmai. Located on Hangdong district, Chiang mai. Be shady, be silent, be convenient and 24 hrs always secure. Near BigC Hangdong, near Lotus Hangdong, far from Chiangmai airport about 25 minutes and far from Chiangmai town about 30 minutes. Located on 140 Sq.w, 5 bathrooms, ...
view (2137)
20,000 3.80 mil. (0-0-70)
70 Sq.wah.
House for sale/House for rent
Two-storey house for rent at Chiangmai for rent and sale. Beautiful, good condition, low prize, be shady, be silent, be convenient and located on Hangdong district, Chiangmai. Far from Chiangmai airport about 20 minutes, near Big C Hangdong and near lotus Hangdong. Land size 70 Sq.w and 4 ...
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